MBA1024 Get A Handle on Tracking Your Expenses and Receipts
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Accounting can get out of hand, quickly — even when you have an accountant! With a million little business expenses going out every day, it can be maddening to try and keep track of each transaction. Factor in multiple team members using different methods of payment, and any entrepreneur can easily lose the thread. What’s a business owner to do? We’ve got a system. There’s no shortage of accounting software and expense-tracking apps. In fact, the choices are overwhelming. But we’ve established a system for our business that works beautifully, and we think it’ll work for you too. We only use 3 — count ‘em, 3 — software tools, integrated into one simple, easy, headache-free process. As your business grows (and tax time approaches), you’ll want to have your finances in order. Try our system, and see how stress-free it can be. Click Play!