MBA981 Fighting Depression in Entrepreneurship
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No one said this would be easy. Business is tough. Entrepreneurship can be even tougher. We think it’s healthy, productive, and good for your business for you to acknowledge this struggle. If we can’t face the valleys, we won’t reach the peaks! That’s why we’re devoting today’s episode to helping you work through the dark times, the times when your path to success is the hardest. We’re all about positivity. But the plain and simple truth is that entrepreneurship is hard sometimes, and that’s ok. By dealing with our unique challenges in a constructive way, we not only get through the rough patches — we enrich the whole experience, and grow into stronger business people. Today, we discuss exactly how to live with, address, and even embrace the entrepreneur’s uphill battles. With a little support, a little advice, and some good ol’ optimism, you can keep things in perspective. You can do this! Click Play!