MBA897 Turn Your Ecommerce Store into a SaaS
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For a predictable revenue stream, nothing beats the subscription model. Customers sign up to pay a fixed rate, monthly or annually. The business owner gets to map their budget and growth goals with greater confidence and stability. Everyone wins. But unfortunately, this model doesn’t work for regular old e-commerce…or does it? Typically, the subscription model applies to services, especially of the SaaS (Software as a Service) variety. The SaaS model is all the rage, one of the most lucrative ways to harness the Internet for a passive revenue stream. Wouldn’t it be great if e-commerce businesses could enjoy the same benefits? Impossible, you say. I don’t sell a software, or a service. I sell clothes, or shoes, or hamster grooming products. My business just isn’t SaaSy enough for this model. Think again. You can convert your e-commerce to the subscription model, and enjoy all the stability of a SaaS business. You simply have to sell, package, and deliver your product like a service. You wouldn’t be the first.…