MBA869 The Surprising Truth About Sleep & Success
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How many times are you hitting “snooze?” If you’re tired of being tired, or just wondering if your sleep schedule is holding you back, this is the podcast for you! With so much advice and so many schools of thought on sleep, how do you decide when to set the alarm for? What sleep schedule can maximize productivity and make your waking hours count? Is success the result of a “sleep when I’m dead” attitude, or holistic and healthy time management? We’ve studied the sleeping habits of some of the most successful entrepreneurs on Earth, from the most well-rested pillow-cuddlers to the drowsiest dark-circled go-getters. Different approaches work for different people, so what’s right for you? We’ve got a system for finding out. With a little experimentation, you can identify the best sleep pattern for your body and mind, one that’ll leave you sharp, fresh, and rested enough to chase your dreams. Pun intended! Click Play!