MBA1044 How to Create a Team Handbook For Your Company
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Ditch the old-fashioned employee handbook. Today’s dynamic companies have a new approach. Rather than carving company info in stone and handing it down, new entrepreneurs can take a much more creative angle. We recently attended the Running Remote conference in Bali, where the good folks from GitLab treated us to an incredible lesson on establishing your company’s go-to guide. The twist? You don’t write it. Your team does. We were so impressed by this system and its benefits that we decided to devote an entire episode to sharing what we learned. Whether your team is new and tiny, or huge and established, you can streamline your HR with a dynamic, crowd-sourced handbook your employees contribute to. By making it a community project, you give your employees ownership of the company culture, and make things like employee onboarding more efficient. Learn how your team can create a fluid, effective handbook that’ll save you and your management time and effort. Click Play!