MBA1122 5 Ways to Recharge for Under $100 + Free Ride Friday!
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Relax. That’s not a suggestion. It’s not even advice. It’s a requirement for any entrepreneur who really wants to succeed. A burnt out, overworked, overtired person cannot meet their full potential, and is not fit to run a business. In order to make yourself fully capable, you have to factor in a little R&R. Fortunately, getting the recharge you need doesn’t have to cost you much money, or your business much of your time. Today, we discuss 5 ways to get quick, relatively cheap relief from the stresses of entrepreneurship. In fact, a single day of dedicated rest, focused solely on refreshing your love of life, is more effective than a week of working “vacation” where you spend your “off” days squinting at work messages on your smartphone. For $100 or less, in less than 24 hours, you can do what you need to do to keep your head on straight. We can’t stress (see what I did there?) this enough: rest is just as important as work in order to be successful. It’s not lazy. It’s not luxurious. It’s life, and you can…