MBA1209 5 Tools for Shooting Video on a Budget
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February 26, 2019
Video marketing is the latest must-have skill for 21st century entrepreneurs. While the power of text to drive traffic hasn’t waned, video is where smart entrepreneurs are finding their competitive edge. From social media marketing to YouTube SEO, video content has to be in your arsenal. But so many new entrepreneurs balk at shooting their own films. Why? We think it’s that age-old enemy, the intimidation factor. And we’re here to help you beat it. You don’t need a massive budget or a degree from film school to shoot high-quality, effective videos. You can put your own studio together in the comfort of your home or office, and produce exactly what you need. Take it from us: we’ve blown money on overly fancy A/V equipment. Since then, we’ve learned that when it comes to your video budget, a little goes a long way. Click Play!