MBA1124 My Personal Website Results
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Considering building a personal website to boost your brand? In addition to business and product-specific sites, sites devoted to your personal outlook and character can have a powerful marketing impact. They can help consolidate and leverage your most important asset — the audience you build — across multiple business ventures. We decided to find out for ourselves what it takes to build an effective personal website. We launched to promote your favorite podcast host’s public speaking services and highlight his other business accomplishments. Today, we take a look at we learned from this project. Mostly, we learned a lot about the importance of deadlines, and how to build your website in the smartest, most efficient way — even if it means making some tough choices in the name of getting the job done. To get the most out of a personal website, you’ve got to learn an age-old business lesson: that “done” is better than “perfect.” We discuss how to design, plan, and launch your personal website…