MBA1059 Do You Need a Personal Assistant?
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Before you say “No,” hear us out. Personal Assistants aren’t just for the rich and famous. These days, it can be affordable (and well worth the investment) to hire a little help — especially for busy entrepreneurs. As we like to remind everyone, time is the most valuable currency. Your time is like a bank account, from which you can only withdraw. If a personal assistant can give you significantly more time, and it’s affordable…well, the math speaks for itself. In fact, our host Omar is shopping around for a personal assistant as we speak. Today, we discuss what to look for in a good personal assistant, where to find one, and what to consider when deciding if it’s right for you. We take a look at the cost of personal assistants, so you can decide if hiring one makes sense for you. When you see how easy it is, you might conclude what we have: that it’s not a luxury, but a wise investment. Click Play!