MBA976 How to Build a Business On The Side P1
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You want to build your own business, but you already have a job. And you don’t want to lose it (just yet). You’re not the only one. Building your business on the side while maintaining your primary income isn’t just common, it’s smart! So how can you invest the time and resources necessary to really start a business? Can you make real progress with nothing but your nights and weekends? We’ll show you how — exactly the way we did. This is Part 1 of a 2-part series on building your business on the side. Today’s and tomorrow’s episodes are PACKED with detailed information on how to manage your schedule, stay productive, and minimize personal financial risk while plotting your escape from the 9-to-5. By keeping your day job and putting in a good ol’ fashioned side-hustle, you can pursue your business with a safety net in place. Start playing the long game now. Click Play!