MBA1008 Must Read: The Everything Store by Brad Stone
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Ever read a book that changes your whole outlook? That’s the case with our latest Must Read Book Review, this time the true story of the world’s richest man and his landscape-changing company. The Everything Store by Brad Stone tells that tale of Amazon. It’s less a book about money, and more about drive, will, and unstoppable commitment. This is a long read, but worth every second — including the time you spend re-reading sections just to process the incredible insights. It’s chock full of “Holy sh*t” moments, pieces of wisdom that completely challenge your view of business and commerce. This book is a mind-shifter, from cover to cover. Today, we discuss some of the many takeaways of this immensely valuable book, from the value of implementation over ideas to the rewards of uncompromisingly good customer service. Friends, this one is a keeper. Click Play!