MBA918 Must Read: Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday
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Do you still quote Seinfeld or The Simpsons? Do you still listen to U2 or Mozart? Ever read Shakespeare? Art is a product, and like any product, the truest measure of its success is longevity. On today’s podcast, we review a Must-Read book about the art of long-term product viability: Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday. Perennial Seller is about producing work that lasts, and creates profit for years. As our collective attention span shortens, how can you create something with a lasting impact? Holiday destroys myths about sudden inspiration and inborn creativity, and instead explains the patient process of executing and refining your way to long-term success. He also explains how to market your product for the long haul, rather than the quick buck. We had high expectations for this book, and they were exceeded. Hear how Perennial Seller can recalibrate your goals for the big picture. Click Play!