MBA885 The Working While Traveling Experiment P6: What Makes a Business a Great Global Business?
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Go global! We’ve hit the road to learn how seeing the world while growing a business can work. But traveling isn’t the only upside to doing business in a web-connected world. Our ability to market to the whole planet— not just our corner of it— is what gives the 21st century entrepreneur so much freedom. If you’re serious about making your own way in business, one of the smartest things you can do is leave international borders behind. We’re in Naples, the last stop on the Italian portion of our 8-week globe-trotting adventure. It’s a homey, gritty city that reminds us how cultures can vary, but everyone speaks the language of value. Appealing to only your own homeland is an option, but how much do our odds of success multiply when we look beyond our borders? How many markets lay waiting to be discovered? How many customers are we leaving behind when we limit ourselves to just one part of the planet? Today, we’re discussing what it takes to appeal to a global audience. We offer 7 specific steps you can take…