MBA1075 Q&A Wednesday: Should I have a co-host on my podcast?
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Does it take really take two to make a dream come true? Every podcast is different. But there’s no denying that sometimes, the dynamic between podcast co-hosts is the reason we keep listening. But is it necessary? Would your podcast do better if you brought in another voice? It depends. While two hosts don’t always make a podcast twice as good, certain shows could use a little host-to-host banter. Naturally, we only use one host, Omar Zenhom. But that’s because our podcast plays to his particular strengths and experience. Meanwhile, other podcasts would be lost without the chemistry between multiple hosts. Today, we discuss exactly what kind of podcasts require co-hosts, how to choose the best ones, and how to make the most of your shared dynamic. We cite examples of incredible co-hosted podcasts that you can check out, and use for inspiration when creating your own show. See if you should go it alone, or make room for another voice — Click Play!