MBA884 The Working While Traveling Experiment P5: My Working While Traveling Challenges
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Ah, Venice. We’re floating through the canal-strewn dreamscape of Northern Italy, soaking in the culture and beauty of this bucket-list destination. But it’s not all gondolas and gelato; we’re running an independent business— and we’re here to find out just what it takes to do so while seeing the world. Welcome to week 5 of our 8-week working-while-traveling experiment! In our first 4 episodes, we taught you how to prep and schedule, as well as how to take specific lessons from the new worlds you encounter. Now, we’re hitting roadblocks (or in this case, canal-blocks). What happens when things go awry? How can you deal with work-mergencies when you’re an ocean (or two) away from your office? What challenges make travel a potential detriment to your business, and how can you address them? No worries, friends. With the right attitude, expectations, and support, you can handle anything that comes your way— even when you’re not at “home” to handle it. Whether you’re a solopreneur blogging your way around the…