MBA903 Not Selling During Holidays?
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November 27, 2017
Every business is different. So why assume that what works for some businesses will work for yours? It’s pretty standard practice in most industries to ramp up sales for the holidays. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year — to generate revenue. The big holiday sales push is so commonplace, we just assume that it’s a smart, effective strategy. Let’s stop assuming. For some kinds of businesses, it might be smarter to consider something different. Something outside the box. Something downright radical: taking the holidays off. Crazy, right? In retail, suggesting we take a holiday break would be enough to get you pilloried. But for small service businesses, a little holiday hiatus is not just harmless; it could actually increase your profits. A strategic holiday shut-down is an opportunity to retool your product, push for a pre-holiday sales boost, and recharge your whole business. It’s counterintuitive, but that’s what makes it so brilliant. Great entrepreneurs don’t chase the crowd. They find the…