MBA1076 5 Effective Email List Growth Strategies
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“The money is in the list.” If you’ve done online marketing anytime in the current century, you’ve heard this maxim. And we can tell you from experience: it’s true. Your email contact list is the heart and soul of your marketing efforts. The bigger and more targeted your list, the more chances you have to convert. A well-constructed email list is everything to an online business, so it’s crucial to build it big, but also to build it right. Today, we’ll show you exactly how. We have growth techniques proven to have a significant impact. Trust us, this isn’t generic advice you’ve heard before. Some of our tips involve commonplace strategies, but in new and different combinations. We’ve personally used these creative moves to grow our list — and our business. And so can you. Find out how you can maximize your marketing and build a bigger, better list. Click Play!