MBA1014 Is a Custom Built Website Worth It?
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You’re starting a small business. You need a website. But you’re not a website developer. Welcome to the most common of marketing conundrums. Can you make do with a drag-and-drop DIY website builder, or should you pony up for a fancy custom job? Can you really Do It Yourself effectively? Is the ROI for a designer really there? It’s a tough call, and the answer will differ depending on what stage of development your business is in. Today, we discuss when it’s worth it — and when it’s not — to hire a freelance web developer. We’ve gone both routes at different points in our business journey, hacking together our own site in the early phases and paying for something more professional when the time was right. We know what it costs, and we know what it did for our businesses. Learn what really matters about your business website, and why shelling out too much too early is likely to be counterproductive. Click Play!