MBA1169 Goals: Should You Set Them?
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Happy New Year! It’s officially 2019, and we’re ready to hit the ground running with all new lesson to help you make this the best year ever for your business. Speaking of which, what are your goals for the year? More importantly, do goals matter? What’s the value of a goal? Is it just an arbitrary milestone, or does it have true motivational value? Many modern experts are abandoning the goal-driven approach, arguing instead that habits and intrinsic motivation do more for your success than trying to hit a given target. Are we living in a post-goal business era? We don’t think so. Rather than abandoning goals altogether, we think a new understanding of goals is in order. Tune in, and learn how to define your goals, and craft goals that have meaning beyond simple numbers. Learn how to establish goals that produce true growth, and how to meet them. Let’s get this year started! Click Play!