MBA1021 How To Get Feedback About You From Your Team
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How are you doing so far? That’s a question every business owner needs to ask their team from time to time. Asking, of course, is easy. Getting honest answers, though…that’s something else. You need to improve as a business owner and leader. If you’re not growing, neither can your business! The only way to measure growth is to seek data, to make sure that you’re a better leader today than you were yesterday, or last month, or last year. But where do you get the data? More importantly, how can you trust the data? Today, we discuss how to make your employees comfortable enough to tell the truth. By creating the right environment, with a commitment to openness and mutual respect, you can get the information you need to do better — and earn your team’s esteem. We’ve tried many strategies to obtain this kind of feedback. Besides the effective ones, we’d also like to share the ineffective ones: the utter disasters that kept team members frightened and tight-lipped while real opportunities for improvement were…