MBA1174 Off Social Media for a Year: Lessons Learned
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Social media is like fire. It can be incredibly useful and beneficial, but once it gets out of control, it can consume everything. That’s why Omar quit. Our beloved host made a decision, over a year ago, to take an extended break from all things social media. No Twitter, no Facebook, no ‘gram, nothing. For about 15 months, Omar didn’t make a single update, comment, or even take a peek at the platforms that dominate so many lives. Today, we discuss what he learned. On this episode, we unpack the pros and cons of being off social media, and the apprehensions Omar has about going back. The effects of a social-free life on business and personal relationships were surprising. Even more surprising was the addictive pull of social media, and the level of discipline required to break free, even temporarily. Our outlook on social media has changed drastically. As an entrepreneur (and a human being), should you take a new approach? One way to find out — Click Play!