MBA1042 Is Money That Important? + Free Ride Friday!
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How much does money matter? Where’s the line between realism and materialism? How much of your business’s value can be expressed in dollars and cents? Today, we discuss money’s true worth. As entrepreneurs, we don’t work for pay. We work for a vision, for a lifestyle, for a principle. But undervaluing money is a dangerous trap, one that can snuff out your dreams if you’re too idealistic. You should never chase money. But you should respect it. Money is a tool, one that can be the key to realizing your ideas about work, life, your industry, and any other non-financial motivation that moves you. Understanding the relationship between money and your personal vision is crucial. Controlling money skillfully can help you avoid the most unfortunate fate for any entrepreneur: being controlled by money. Align your balance sheet with your ultimate goals. Click Play!