Machine Learning for Blood Chemistry Interpretation
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We’ve switched things up for this episode, with Dr. Bryan Walsh asking the questions and me on the other side of the microphone. We’re talking about our new Blood Chemistry Calculator – the product of lab data from tens of thousands of people and a machine learning algorithm called XGBoost. The calculator analyzes a simple, inexpensive set of blood markers for patterns and immediately forecasts the probability that you’ve got any of a long list of deficiencies, overloads, and even infections - without directly testing for any of them. Bryan and I discuss all the details, including the science behind the calculator, how you can use this tool to track progress over time, and how the calculator is a game-changer for practitioners. If you’re ready to dive in and see what it can do for you, check out the calculator now. Here’s the outline of this interview with Dr Bryan Walsh: [00:02:52] Chris's blood chemistry journey. [00:04:11] Podcast with Dr. Bryan Walsh: Risk Assessment in the Genomic Era: Are We Missing…