87: The Foreigner and Mindhunter
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Everyone loves a good Jackie Chan movie, right? Maybe, but can we agree on what constitutes a “good Jackie Chan movie”? There’s a pretty big disparity between the critic and audience ratings for The Foreigner on Rotten Tomatoes right now, but we’re guessing the studio doesn’t care what Roger Ebert thinks if the movie triples its budget at the box office (which it’s almost done already). More importantly, though, what did Chad and Daniel think of it? They’re the only critics who matter anyway…wait, no. What we meant to say was “…they’re the only Screeners who’ll see it anyway”. Yeah; that sounds better. But wait; there’s more! Maybe those of us who didn’t make it to the theater this weekend had some time for Netflix. Maybe to watch David Fincher’s new show Mindhunter? Is it this year’s psychological thriller hit, or should Fincher just rest on his House of Cards laurels for awhile? And while we’re talking about the ever-growing stable of shows Netflix has given us, why not pick our favorites? A list of three,…