85: Kingsman: The Golden Circle
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September 29, 2017
Last episode’s review of mother! has, perhaps unsurprisingly, stirred up some conversation. In fact, it seems to have inspired one of the most thoughtful emails to drop into the Screeners mailbag yet. They couldn’t pass up the chance to respond to it, so more air time for Aronofsky. No publicity is bad publicity, right? Once that’s over with, it’s time for some lighter fare. At least, we hope it is—the ”professional” reviews for Kingsman: The Golden Circle aren’t what you’d call “glowing”. It has a colon in its title, so we already know Daniel’s going into it biased. Melody couldn’t see it in time to compare it to the first one, which was her favorite movie since Mad Max or something, so it’s missing its biggest supporter. Can the nearly two-and-a-half-hour spy action dramedy overcome these handicaps to get a thumbs-up from the Screeners? It’ll be a challenge, but Colin Firth hasn’t shied away from one of those yet. In honor of Kingsman’s genre confusion, this episode’s Top 3 subject is “action comedies”.…