60: Tom Cruise and the Constitution
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…no, we’re not talking about a remake of National Treasure, but wouldn’t it be great if we were? That’s the movie they need to remake. Why has noone done this?Ahem. To mix things up this time, the Screeners are doing two reviews and a game. Or…one mini-review, one full review and a game. One short review, one really long review and a game? Um, whatever; there’s going to be a game at the end.First on the docket is Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. With a title like that, the jokes write themselves. So does the script…but maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Someone might have liked watching Tom Cruise punch and kick things. He even has a couple female sidekicks, so the cast is diverse and everything. At least, we’re guessing that was part of the pitch to the studio. Anyway, everyone paid to see it, so they’re going to talk about it. For a little while.From Laughable to the Exact OppositeInstead of giving a Tom Cruise movie the satisfaction of being the main event, the Screeners called an audible and…