56: Finding a Market for Your Sequel
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News flash: People liked Finding Nemo. Judging by the box office numbers for Finding Dory, a lot of people liked Finding Nemo. Either that, or people just really like animated movies about fish. We’re guessing it’s the former, though. The Screeners are no exception, whether their kids love it, or they were kids when it came out (OK, so that’s only one Screener). They all have something good to say about the little clownfish—even Josh probably does, though we doubt he’ll say it out loud. Did the sequel measure up to the original, though?Well, that’s what everyone’s here to talk about. This episode happened to fall on a relatively slow news week, so the hosts jump right into their main event review. All five of them managed to make it to the theater (along with the rest of the country, apparently), so there should be at least a little room for debate. C’mon, Chris; everyone’s counting on you to remain objective in the face of everyone else’s excitement. Don’t disappoint us!No Rules, No Rails: The Day the List…