2: The (pro-) Americans
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Good news! The Screeners Podcast pilot passed the test, and they’ve been picked up for a full run by…the network that they run. Hey; it’s still an accomplishment—and they’re on iTunes now, so once you’re done previewing the episode here, head over there to subscribe.This time, with the Oscars behind them, the Screeners are ready to move on to the year ahead and discuss a variety of non-film media.Jump Cuts (1:15)OK, so we can’t resist one movie question…The recent trend of recasting fairy tales into darker, more adult stories has hit theaters and network TV in force, but who’s watching these things anyway? Somewhere along the way, we find out that the Screeners have some strong opinions on what actually constitutes a fairy tale. Who knew?Audio ”books” and the geeks who love themHey, they said no “media” is safe—and for now, books are still considered media. Does listening to an audio book count as “reading”, though? Chad and Josh try to drop some science on the topic, but Chris is having none of it.Tiny…