10: Steel Yourself
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Comic book superhero summer blockbuster number two is upon us! Believe it or not, this excites some of the Screeners (read: Chad) more than others, but say what you will; Man of Steel is not light on discussion points. Before we get to them, though, there’s that little business of the lightning round.Microsoft Folds; Is Hollywood Next?First, injustice rears its ugly head as Josh is forced to respond to Chad and Chris’s 45-minute bonus episode within 60 seconds—which, as we all know, is hardly enough for him to pronounce two five-syllable words and include a dramatic pause to let a bad joke sink in. In fact, he only gets the chance to respond at all because after that episode was recorded, Microsoft caved to cries of foul play from (Luddite) console gamers. There’s more to say about this than will fit in to a normal Jump Cut, so…yeah; you can guess what happens here.It’s interrupted by some mention of Apple’s recent WWDC proceedings, where they unveiled the new iRecycle workstation and the iOS 7…let’s call it…