62: The Less You Know
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This episode will be a little light in the notes area—the first segment has been jettisoned for a longer discussion of Arrival, and the Screeners are doing their best to not tell you anything specific about the movie. The only thing we can reveal here is that Josh has a background in linguistics…and if you think it makes no sense to mention that here, then good; we’ve done our job. Come back for the spoilers section later; you won’t be disappointed. Then again, you might be very disappointed. We’re not in the business of guarantees.There’s still a final segment, though: In a totally unexpected bit of thematic consistency, this episode’s Top 3 is “Go in blind”, or movies where the best experience hinges on the viewer not knowing anything about the plot when they start watching. There are some good ones in here, but by naming them, we’ve probably ruined them. Oh well; you’ve probably already seen them anyway.OK, that about does it. See? Short. As always, join the discussion over on Facebook (especially after…