15: If I Had a Hammer…
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November 19, 2013
This episode marks a milestone in Screeners history: For the first time, literature has made its way to the main event. Well, science fiction literature. And it’s only there because it was made into a movie. And we had to temper even that by following it with a review of a comic book movie…look; stop harshing our buzz, alright? We’re trying to encourage Chris to read here; cut us some slack!Old People and the Pixels They Can’t SeeBefore the Screeners get into the double-feature main event, though, you know we gots to have us a lightning round. The questioning this time starts out with a winter movie preview. The fall/winter season it typically the bulwark of your more artsy/contemplative films, but Josh seems somehow saddened by this year’s prospects. At least Keanu Reeves is back in the spotlight; that has to be good news, right? Wait, no; “good” wasn’t the right word there…If the winter’s disappointing, at least next year will bring the advent of 4K (or UHD, or whatever the marketers are calling it this…