32: The DA Made Me Watch It
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The First Real Lightning Round Ever?The Screeners put Chris in charge of Jump Cuts this week, and for once they're able to keep the discussion brief. Not that we’re saying anything about the level of thought required to answer these particular questions or anything; Josh just happens to have a very succinct opinion about the Apple Watch.Oh yeah, and if you ever wanted to relive precious childhood memories of watching Airwolf, you’ll definitely want to tune in for this segment. That’s right—Airwolf. Only on the Screeners Podcast.Time is a Flat Circle, and Other Overbearing Fairy TalesFor the main event this time, the Screeners have a different kind of double header. First up, they’ve revived an old favorite segment, cleverly rebranding it to something more playful yet in no way more suggestive: “Convince Me to Watch” is now “Made You Look”.Each host has chosen a viewing assignment for one of the others, and they do their best to keep their picks outside the other’s normal wheelhouse. Join the fun as Chris…