80: Valerian and Atomic Blonde
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The Screeners (or most of them, at least) have another but-those-movies-have-nothing-in-common sort of double feature in store again this episode. Sorry; we don’t get to tell Hollywood what to do; we just report on it. First up, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Daniel’s already had some fairly…blunt things to say about this one on Facebook, but that won’t stop Luc Besson from writing as many of them as he can. Can another Screener’s enthusiasm salvage the film’s chances in the court of public opinion? Raise your hand if you expected Cold War-era spy movies to feel timely again. You neither, huh? Well, joke’s on us. Atomic Blonde has all sorts of things that just don’t seem like they belong in the modern world—from unstable geopolitical superpowers, to collusion with Russia, to Charlize Theron talking about how great Mad Max: Fury Road was. Chris and Melody can’t help but love this one, right? Since the Screeners’ heads are already in a (sort-of) bygone era, this episode’s Top 3 topic is…