7: Did Anyone Iron These Scripts?
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Toddlers and Movies Made for ThemThe Screeners start out this week’s Jump Cuts by proving they’re not completely self-absorbed—it seems the next generation might have a bit of a media problem, and the Screeners have a solution. You’re welcome, toddlers. Listen carefully, and you’ll also gain some key insight into Chris’ views on marriage.Next up is a mini-review of Pain & Gain, Michael Bay’s latest…let’s just say “effort”. It’s a movie ready-made for Chris; can Josh convince him otherwise, or is there a twist in the works? Remember, folks; it’s all a true story.After a rousing discussion of Michael Bay’s merits as an auteur, the tone turns sober as the Screeners ponder a recent Danny Boyle interview. The director gave his take on the state of modern cinema, and it’s not entirely rosy. Do today’s movies reflect the difficult yet rewarding complexity of life, or is Hollywood just filling seats? If so, whose fault is it? Finally, the four have some words for the theater industry and their new crop of tie-in…