73: Summer Movie Wager: the Sequel
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Despite the stunning lack of consequences for last year’s inaugural contest, the Screeners decided to go ahead with a second annual summer movie wager. You can find the “official” rules here, but the basic idea is that everyone takes wild guesses at which summer sequel will make more money than other summer sequels. Put them in order from 1 to 10 and add 3 dark horse candidates. The more spots you pick correctly, the more points you get, and the winner…well, so far the winner’s gotten nothing, but presumably there’s something at stake. Chad promised everyone this was a good idea, so we’re doing it, but what would really make it fun is if you headed over to our Facebook page, contributed your own picks, and made fun of Josh’s. That’s entertaining for everyone. See you next time, when the Screeners will be back to movie reviews as normal, this time of the Alien sequel and the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. So many original ideas, we can hardly stand it. Everyone's wagers, for the record Because once they're…