39: Up, Up, and Away!
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Although we’re missing Melody and Josh from the majority of this episode, Chad, Chris, and Daniel still manage to find something to disagree about, even without Josh here! In this packed episode, we’ve got some Jump Cuts and our first Oscar Bait review of the year, as well as a very special interview with filmmaker Brett Culp.First up, we look back through film history to talk about our favorite fight scenes. Daniel keeps things current with a couple recent scenes, while Chad and Chris take a more classic approach. Also, Chad finds a way to bring up San Andreas and mock Daniel yet again.And in our next Jump Cut, the Screeners discuss the Fall TV slate and their hopes for new and returning shows. Chad’s given up on a favorite, Daniel’s excited for some new ones, and Chris manages to STILL talk about Hannibal, despite it being cancelled.Melody and Josh return as we interview filmmaker Brett Culp, the director of Legends of the Knight, about his upcoming project Look to the Sky. Brett discusses the documentary…