36: Summer in Review
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Hey, what do you know? We told you that we are going to be more regular … and did we deliver, or did we deliver? Two episodes released in less than a month – we are on a roll!We are missing our favorite host this episode – Josh is away travelling the country, probably visiting all his favorite movie theaters without us. We miss you Josh! But Daniel is back with us for another episode and he manages to throw us a curveball or two.SUMMER FAVORITES AND FAILURESWe have a fun time this episode trying to determine our best and worst of the summer, along with our biggest surprise. Good thing Josh is away this episode because he would never have let us get away with our pick for best film! Ha! That’s what you get for taking a week off, Josh!SECRETS AND SPIES: For your EntertainmentAnother double header this week! Mostly because Melody demanded to review The Gift even though it’s been out for a few weeks. And we couldn’t pass up The Man From U.N.C.L.E, because we just haven’t had enough spy movies lately!We did not…