53: Sometimes You Sing to the Bear, and Sometimes the Bear Sings to You
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The Screeners are missing their only mommy host for this episode, but that won’t stop them from doing a kid-friendly episode…right after Jump Cuts, that is.OK, so “Jump Cuts” might be a bit of a misnomer for this episode’s first act, but Chris really likes the audio bump he recorded for it, and everyone else is too lazy to come up with a replacement, so we’ll let the pretense continue for at least one more show. The four Screeners who did show up this time tend to have TV viewing habits that are…let’s say “distinct”. Since they don’t all watch the same things, they’ve decided to do a round of mini-reviews of shows that have caught their eye recently. With Josh digging up a CNBC show and Daniel implying that there’s a Hulu original that might be worth watching, this segment might just be the most eccentric thing the Screeners have done since Chad named a foreign language movie his top pick of 2015. Of course, no one else has watched Phoenix to see if he had a point, so we’re just going to keep mocking him for…