69: Awards and Awkwardness
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If you have a podcast that’s even remotely about movies, it’s a rule that you have to cover the Oscars. They take away your podcasting license if you don’t (or so we’ve heard; we’re too afraid to try it and see). Jimmy Kimmel presided over a…unique ceremony this year, and the Screeners of course have opinions about it. Or at least 4 of them do; Josh forgot to even fill out his scorecard before the show. This is our surprised face.Speaking of scorecards, though, we had some great responses to our Facebook survey, despite Daniel’s best efforts. Some of our listeners even beat a few of the Screeners—we’re sure Chris has a good excuse, though, and we’re totally not going to fire him.There’s plenty to talk about in the fancy dress and botched award category, but that’s not all we have for this episode. A lot of TV shows have slipped under the podcast’s radar this year, but that doesn’t mean the Screeners haven’t been discovering some great ones. Our second segment is full of recommendations and mini-reviews of…