Bonus Episode: Phantom Thread
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Phantom Thread is PT Anderson’s latest movie with Daniel Day-Lewis in a leading role and supposedly Day-Lewis’s last movie ever. It technically qualifies as a 2017 movie, but given that introduction (and the fact that it was only released wide last month), we’re sure you can understand why at least a few of the Screeners wanted to talk about it. We may have buried the lede there. The real story is that Josh is here for one of these Chad/Daniel bonus episodes, which means he was in the theater for a movie that he wasn’t peer pressured into seeing, which means he went to a theater voluntarily. That alone makes this episode worth listening to, right? OK, fine. Listen to it because PT Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis. We won’t blame you…as long as you join us on Facebook afterwards and tell us about your history with the 1950’s fashion world. Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Pocket Casts Web: Home | Download Social: Facebook | Twitter