21: American Hero
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Screeners welcome a new guest host to the team while Josh plays hooky…apparently having a baby takes precedence over movie talk with his Screener pals. We see how it is, Josh. Without the balance of Josh’s contrary perspectives, will the Screeners be able to restrain their positivity about the latest installment from the Marvel universe? We shall find out.CAN THE MEDIAS KEEP US ENTERTAINED?We begin with the question that is surely on the minds of all Screeners podcast listeners… what else are these people doing to entertain themselves in the world of media? Our answers might shock you… or perhaps not.Chad informs the Screeners that movie theaters are losing their younger demographics of viewers and they are blaming those newfangled mobile devices! How dare anyone suggest that the industry may have to adapt?Next up, it appears that NBC has completely run out of imaginative ideas and will be outsourcing their show writing to anyone with a computer and a creative concept! Will one of the Screeners be the next…