14: Out of This World
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You may have noticed that, much like your favorite TV shows, the Screeners took a summer hiatus there for a bit. We figured it was time to tell you that this scheduling decision was part of an avant-garde social experiment to probe the liminal boundary between media and media commentary, and…OK, it was all Chad’s fault. Chad just didn’t love you enough to see Closed Circuit with the rest of us. There, we said it. Does it feel better to know the truth? Does it?!OK, now that the unpleasantness is out of the way, it’s time for the most popular segment to ever come first in the Screeners lineup, Jump Cuts!Stay Classy, DreamworksRon Burgundy’s baaa-aack. Not in a movie - not yet, at least. He’s back in SUV ads. SUV ads? Yes, SUV ads. (Yes, those are all different links. So is this one. Oh, and one more.) And you know what? Ron Burgundy can be in ads for smooth jazz for all we care. He’s Ron *%&$ Burgundy.In a tangentially related story (if you were listening last year, or whenever our last episode was), a company…