5: Pirates, a Doctor, and a Rice Cooker
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The biggest event in the entertainment industry this week (as far as the Screeners are concerned, at least) was the news of Roger Ebert’s death. The Screeners open the episode by paying tribute to the first movie critic to get his own star on the Walk of Fame, sharing their favorite memories of Ebert’s life and work.As promised in the show, here’s the original blog post Josh mentioned; turns out it’s been made into a book. And here’s the Rob Schneider exchange Chad excerpted. In the spirit of fairness, though, it’s worth mentioning that Schneider didn’t end this little feud as belligerently as it began.The Lightning Round…AlmostMoving on to Jump Cuts, the Screeners consider Disney’s recent shuttering of the LucasArts video game studio. Apparently, Josh is the only one who pays attention to the credits screens in the Lego series to see where they’re made. So sad.Next, not to spoil the episode or anything, but one Screener loved the new GI Joe movie, and one, not so much. If you can’t guess at least one of the…