71: So Many Movies, So Little Time
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The Screeners have a lot of ground to cover in this episode, even without much of a tentpole to cover in the main event…or anywhere else, to be honest. Stick with us here, though; there are still some surprises in store. First up, the guys (no Melody this episode, sadly) decided they had to talk about Power Rangers. Why did they decide this? No one’s really sure. Only half of them were even the right age to watch the original series, but somehow three of them made it to the theater for the movie, which has to just be a craven grasp at 90’s nostalgia, right? Right? OK, enough robot dinosaurs until the next Transformers movie (please let it be Dinobots…please). Next on the list is one of Netflix’s new Sundance acquisitions, The Discovery. This is one of those we-can’t-really-summarize-anything kind of movies except to say that it’s a metaphysical romantic drama. Vague enough? We thought so. Just in case we haven’t lost you yet, there’s still a main event! Scarlett Johansson was apparently tired of not shooting…