17: Back, and Best-er Than Ever!
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February 18, 2014
Editor’s note: We didn’t dedicate a section of the episode to discussing this, but we wanted to express our continuing sadness at the recent passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman. A talent as piercing as his brings characters to life in a way that made us at times uncomfortable, at times sympathetic, but always admiring of the person who so fully embodied the words on the page. We saw ourselves in his insecurity, we raged with him at the injustices he suffered, and we worried that there might be more of ourselves in him than we’d like.Along the way, many of us became transfixed by his performances and failed to note the very real problems that the very real Philip did not hide from the public. We were surprised to learn (or relearn) that he had a long history with a variety of drugs and were shocked when the disease overtook him. In the wake of the tragedy, many of us felt a loss deeper than we’d felt before at the news of a celebrity’s death, sudden or not. Perhaps we all feared vicariously for ourselves one…