Summer Movie Wager 2016
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This episode’s a bit different than most: No entertainment news roundtable, no movie review, just sheer listmania from start to finish. Here’s the deal: The Screeners have decided to try their hands at picking the top summer movies of 2016, as determined by their box office haul. The “official” rules are here, but Chad didn’t read them, so why should you? It’s pretty simple, actually: Rank the gross domestic (US + Canada) profit of movies released between May 6 and September 5 from 1 to 10 in descending order, and pick 3 more “dark horses” that you’re not as confident about but think might make a good showing. We won’t summarise the gory scoring details here, but rest assured: There will be a winner, and that winner will inflict some form of horrific cinematic torture on the rest of our beloved Screeners. Some of them might not make it, but they knew that when they signed up for this.Just so no one can back out of their terrible, terrible picks after the fact, we’re going to post them all right here, right…