11: Better Late than Never
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Just when you were beginning to think the heat had fried their Internet connections, the Screeners are back to take some more shots at summer movies and look forward hopefully to some promising entertainment in the fall.The lightning round starts out with a quick look at Monsters University. Some would say that Pixar’s offerings have been a little unsteady recently, and others would say that’s an understatement, but did they pull a Lloyd with their latest sequel? Has Josh even seen it? Will we ever stop asking questions we already know the answer to? After that, it’s on to a new program that Sony and Disney are debuting in some international markets - the “day-and-date” release model Steven Spielberg recently predicted. They’re letting would-be moviegoers stream feature films at home while they’re still in theaters. Any guesses as to which Screeners are all for this experiment? Place your wagers now; we’ll wait.That’s enough Hollywood talk, though—a sentiment that more and more screenwriters seem to be…