41: The Future Has Passed Us By
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…so let’s talk about the past for awhile. Seriously, though, if even CNN thinks it’s news, we should probably at least mention that October 21, 2015 was Back to the Future Day—the day the DeLorean took us to all the way back in 1985. Everything that might have happened in the future has now happened in the past. Think about that for a minute.OK, minute over. We probably shouldn’t have taken our news cues from CNN anyway. Their credentials are…suspect. J-j-jump Cut time!Spielberg and the (Pseudo)science of Rewatchable CinemaThis episode’s short on topics but plenty long on discussion. To foreshadow our main event, we put out some feelers on Facebook to see what your favorite Steven Spielberg movies were. We got some good responses, but you didn’t think the Screeners were going to stay silent, did you? As it turns out, the real question isn’t, “Name a good Spielberg movie,” but rather, “How well can Daniel defend a nearly apocryphal Indiana Jones movie?” Oh, and we also talk about our least favorite Spielberg…