9: They Told You Not to Look Too Close
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Just when you thought the show couldn’t get any more magical, the Screeners are back for some more sleight of film. Now You See Me came in second at the box office last weekend, and it edged out Fast and Furious 6 for a spot in this week’s main event. As we sit back and prepare to be amazed, though, we have a lightning round to speed through…or not.Sequels, Adaptations, and the Critics Who Spoil ThemJump Cuts starts off with a tribute to the thrilling conclusion of everyone’s favorite trilogy. That’s right, they’re talking about The Hangover Part III. How many nights of partying can the Screeners take before they realize they’re too old for this sort of thing? You might be surprised…Next on the list: Summer is always sequel season, but it’s not every day they pull an 80’s sci-fi classic out of the vault for a follow-up. The recently announced Blade Runner sequel is the exception that proves the rule. Ridley Scott’s at the helm, but the writer of such Hollywood gems as Fantastic Four and Green Lantern is at…