99: Game Night and Annihilation
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February 27, 2018
This episode is a double-header, so no extraneous segments, no fluff, no listening to how Josh doesn’t know how to rank things against each other. This episode it’s just the four original Screeners getting back to their roots arguing about movies. Well, OK—the four of them argue about one movie. Josh didn’t see the other one. Duh. Out of Annihilation and Game Night, though, guess which one he did see. What happens next might shock you…then prepare to be shocked again as you hear what Chris has to say about Game Night. Let’s just say that maybe there are a couple other movies he should rewatch. We’re not going to say much more about Annihilation than that it’s an adaptation of a novel brought to the big screen by the writer/director of Ex Machina. So, y’know, the movie you’d have expected to have a full Screeners roster for the review. Oh well. Maybe Chad will talk enough for anyone missing. You know the drill. Click over to Facebook, tell us your favorite joke from Game Night, mock people who haven’t seen…